I have been in this industry for over 25 years and have been buying from AMJ nearly the whole time have been at Flinders University. I have a good relationship with AMJ produce and was introduced to Amj by other leading Adelaide chef’s that I know from Adelaide oval and Adelaide showgrounds when the contract for fruit vegetable was renewed five years ago.

AMJ are our preferred fruit vegetable supplier to us on campus and as we have other interest we do use other suppliers but they are contracted thru franchise and have had a look at these fruit suppliers but find AMJ Produce to be very competitive and service that you can rely on especially as we have deliveries every day to numerous delivery points, from large scale orders to small fruit orders to smaller outlets across campus. 

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Stuart McPherson Head Chef, Flinders One

24 January 2013

To whom it may concern,

I have been using AMJ produce for over 5 years now, during that time, I have had the pleasure of watching the business grow, from a relative small player in the Adelaide restaurant trade to one of the leading lights in the industry. That growth from my point of view is based on one thing, word of mouth. It s not very often Chefs agree on  anything, however in this case the best supplier is easy, they have the best produce and service, and they will go the extra mile to make sure everything is as it should be, everybody I speak too, agree,  Chris and Margy do just that.

In an age where good service seems to be from a bygone era, AMJ provide it in spades, from their 7 days a week delivery service, to their twice daily supply run. Constant information on what’s coming in and out of season, what’s in abundance, and what’s petering out. Access to produce previously only available in the eastern states is also a big bonus, from fresh wasabi, betal leaves, wasabi leaves, baby heirloom vegetables to name but a few, not only gives my restaurant a competitive edge but serves as an educational  tool for my young chefs.

It’s nice to have a supplier who goes out of his way to find you what you want when you want it, but is also honest enough to tell you “ I can get it, but due to the frost/rain/floods/heat, it isn’t the best’  then offers an alternative that may or may not suit.

I have never been more confident with AMJ than when we hosted guest chef, David Thompson, who is recognized as the world authority on Thai food.  Whilst this was an amazing opportunity for us, it was enormous pressure to meet his expectations regarding unusual ingredient requests. Chris not only took this challenge on, he engaged suppliers from Darwin, Sydney and beyond, he surpassed all expectations, by supplying every single item in supreme condition to the approval and surprise of David Thompson.

On a personal note I would like to thank Chris and Margy for all their hard work dedication and vision, because without them, the Jolleys Boathouse restaurant would not have reached such high standards.

Tony Carroll, Chef – Director Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant